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Estate Planning Attorneys in Southern Illinois


Estate planning is an important process that will help ensure that you and your family are provided for toward the end of your life and after your passing. Burton & Vick, LLC can help you design an estate plan that will save your loved ones both emotional and financial distress should you become disabled or pass away. 


Burton & Vick, LLC offers a wide variety of estate planning services, including:



  • Wills which are legal documents that determine how your property and assets will be distributed after you pass away. The experienced attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC can draft a will that accomplishes all of your goals and wishes. 


  • Trusts that can help your estate avoid probate costs, minimize the amount of taxes paid at death, protect the estate from creditors, establish limitations on your family's access to the funds you have left to them, and provide for the care of minor children and disabled adults. The knowledgeable attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you decided what kind of trust is best for your unique situation.


  • Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Property which allow you to select a significant other, family member, or other loved one as your medical and financial decision maker in case you become physically or mentally unable to make decisions. The thoughtful attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will thoroughly discuss the important considerations in choosing who will be your power of attorney. 


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  • Guardianships grant authority to a guardian to make critical financial and medical decisions for an individual. Guardianships are used for minor children when their parents are unable to care for them, when an adult becomes incapacitated, or when a minor with special needs becomes an adult. A guardianship of the estate grants the authority to make financial decisions for the incapacitated person while a guardianship of the person grants the authority to make decisions on medical care, housing, and more.  The caring attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you decide if it is time to pursue a guardianship for your loved one. 


  • Living Wills are legal documents that allow you to indicate your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment in the event you cannot communicate your wishes or become disabled. A Living Will must be honored by your healthcare professionals. The understanding attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you establish what life-sustaining measures will best fulfill your wishes.


  • Asset Protection Planning preserves your assets by restructuring them so they are protected from future creditors. Our asset protection attorneys will help you and your family determine your goals for your assets. We can find ways to help your estate: avoid lawsuits; protect assets from creditors; maintain control of business interests; provide for support and income flow to family; avoid fraudulent conveyances; avoid probate; and minimize taxes. We will ensure that any asset protection planning complements your estate plan. The prudent attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you determine the best asset protection plan for your needs. 


  • Transfer on Death Instruments allow you to designate a beneficiary for real estate. The real estate “automatically” transfers to beneficiary upon the death of the owner; however, the beneficiary has no rights to property until your death. Transfer on Death Instruments can be revoked or changed any time prior to death. The informed attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you decide if a transfer on death instrument is appropriate for your property.

Burton & Vick, LLC offers the following additional services:


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