Family Law Attorneys in Southern Illinois



The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you navigate through the stressful and complex waters of the family law courts.




Burton & Vick, LLC can help you with a range of family law issues, including the following family law services:



  • Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Unions/Separation


The end of a relationship can have a powerful negative affect on person's mental, emotional, physical, and financial well-being. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you through the process in way that alleviates as much stress and turmoil as possible. 



  • Custody/Visitation


The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC can help parents arrange custody and visitation schedules that will meet the emotional needs of the child and the parents. 





  • Child support


The issue of child support is often a great source of contention and acrimony. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will help you establish a plan that best meets the needs of the child. 


  • Alimony/Maintenance


Several factors go into determing how much maintenance/alimony a spouse will be awarded. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will look over these factors to ensure the equitable amount of suppport is being paid.


  • Post Dissolution (Child Support Enforcement or Modifcations)


Many times the Judgment of Dissolution does not mean the end of legal proceedings for couples. Sometimes individuals fail to make their support obligations and other times circumstances require that support be modified. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC can help you with a variety of post dissolution issues. 


  • Paternity


Burton & Vick, LLC can help parents establish custody, create visitation schedules between the child and the non-custodial parent, and set up child support payment schedules.


  • Prenuptial Agreements


Prenuptial agreements are written contracts created by couples that are planning to be married. The agreements provide a plan for what each person's property will be after marriage, in the event of death or divorce. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC can help you and your partner come up with a comprehensive prenuptial agreement. 


  • Orders of Protection


Unfortunately, issues of domestic violence frequently occur is family law proceedings. The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC can assist you in obtaining orders of protection if the situation warrants such an action. 


  • Adoption


The attorneys at Burton & Vick, LLC will happily assist individuals and couples through the adoption process.


  • Mediation


Burton & Vick, LLC provides family mediation services to those parents willing to work out their differences regarding custody, visitation, and support. Mediation allows the parties to come up with a plan on their own (with the assitance of a mediator) that meets the needs of their entire family. 

Burton & Vick, LLC offers the following additional services:


Real Estate, Estate PlanningProbate, and Business Law 


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